With more than half of the UK’s population having had their first Covid-19 jab, the vaccine rollout is rapidly making its way to everyone in the country, both young and old.

If you’re due to have your vaccination soon, here are a few tips on what to expect after your jab when it comes to your diet and exercise.

DO drink lots of water and take paracetamol

After you’ve had your vaccination it’s a good idea to ensure you stay hydrated as this can help to reduce potential side effects including headaches and fatigue. Taking paracetamol is also suggested (if you are able to), as this can help prevent a headache and may help to reduce any soreness in your arm.

DO avoid processed foods

As one of the most common potential side effects is tiredness, it’s advisable to avoid fatty, fast foods and processed foods that are difficult to digest, and which will make you feel even more lethargic. Before and after your jab, prioritize nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory whole foods such as nuts, fruit and veggies. If you’ve made dinner plans or have been invited to a barbecue, there’s no need to rearrange. Just be mindful of the foods you choose and fill up on salad and protein rather than stodgy bread and crisps! And don’t forget to drink water!

DO exercise! It will not reduce the vaccine’s effectiveness

Various studies have concluded that exercise before or after your vaccination will not have an impact on its effectiveness which is great news for you. In fact, if you exercise before your vaccine, it can help boost your immune system, and it may even reduce the chances of suffering from any mild side effects. You should, of course, listen to your body. Whether you’re going for a morning run or have an evening spin class booked, there’s no reason to postpone them unless you feel very fatigued or unwell. If you are feeling particularly tired or nauseous after your jab, then don’t force a workout and just give yourself a day or two to feel better.

DO some light arm exercises

A few light arm exercises can help you ward off any soreness in your arm after you’ve had your injection. There’s no need to go for a new PB on the bench press! Just a few bicep curls with some small dumbbells will help. Again though, it’s worth listening to your body, and if you have aches and pains or a very sore arm then don’t overdo it and consider resting rather than exercising.

Remember: Side-effects are rare

Since the Covid-19 vaccination programme began, a very small percentage of people have suffered serious side effects. Most side effects reported are mild, and include headaches, feeling tired, feeling sick, or having a sore arm where the needle was inserted into the muscle.

The majority of those vaccinated haven’t reported any symptoms, and for those who do suffer mild side effects, these usually wear off after a couple of days. However, if you feel seriously unwell after your vaccination, you should seek professional medical assistance immediately.

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