If you’ve decided that it’s time to improve your fitness you may be trying to work out whether it’s best to go to the gym to workout alone or whether you should try our group exercise classes in Honeybourne. While both options of course offer huge benefits, those of group exercise have been proven time and again.

Exercising in a group could be just the motivator you need to kickstart your fitness regime, and it could also be a fantastic way to help you to stick to your new ‘get fit’ program!

Of course, not everyone will find a group class beneficial or motivational. For some, solo workouts either alone in the gym or with a personal trainer are absolutely the right way for you to improve your physical wellbeing. However, for a huge number of people, group fitness classes represent the best way to enjoy exercise and achieve your fitness goals while you also make new friends and have fun.

If you need a little more convincing of the advantages of group exercise classes, read on to discover the top seven benefits.

1. Accountability and Motivation

Perhaps the best thing about attending a group exercise class instead of working out alone is that people of different abilities and ages can come together and offer mutual support. In this kind of supportive environment, it’s easier to push yourself to work harder, especially if you see other people who have limitations doing their utmost to excel in sessions. Studies have shown that working out with others in a communal setting encourages you to be more competitive, to constantly move the goal posts, and to train harder so that you experience a greater boost in your results.

Furthermore, if you join up to a class in advance, you’ll be more accountable. When you make a workout part of your regular schedule, you’ll be less likely to miss it. Even if you’re unable to sign up to your chosen fitness class in advance, if you go to the same group exercise class every week, exercising will eventually become a regular part of your routine, enabling you to maintain good health in the long term, lose excess fat, and regulate your body weight in the future.

2. You’ll Learn Proper Form in Group Exercise Classes

If you’re brand new to exercise you will benefit from having your own personal trainer. Exercising on your own can lead to poor form and, over time, this can cause pain and even severe injury so it’s a great way to get started in the correct way.

Yet, although there are many positive reasons to consider training with a one-to-one instructor, the cost of this option can eventually prove costly. Attending an exercise class with other like-minded people is the perfect compromise. All exercises will be properly demonstrated, and your instructor will ensure that you and all participants are safe. This will make sure that you are performing each of the workouts properly without putting your health at risk.

3. One of the Benefits of Group Exercise is Variety

Gyms offer a fantastic way to get fitter, but the lack of variety can be dull over time. Going through the motions is all too common and can end up slowing down your progress or even bringing it to a halt completely. Mixing it up and joining a group session can vary your exercise routine considerably. New moves will be introduced every session giving you variety and if you’re no longer finding the class you’re going to enjoyable, you can always try something different. From Yoga to Spin & Burn, HIIT to Power Mix, and Stretch & Flex to Pilates, there are group classes to suit everyone.

4. You’ll Have a Clear Exercise Structure

When you begin performing exercises, it’s possible that you lack structure in your regime. There are lots of elements to consider when it comes to ensuring your workout is safe and well-rounded. Your instructors will ensure that each class is properly structured with warm-ups to loosen your muscles and raise your heart rate gradually before you begin any strenuous activities, and cool downs to protect you from getting injured.

5. Group Exercise Improves Your Mental Wellbeing

Being part of an exercise community can work wonders for your wellbeing, physically and mentally. Not only can it improve self-esteem and self-confidence, but it can also relieve stress and anxiety. The endorphins that are released when exercising make you feel good, helping to release those pent-up negative feelings life throws at you!

6. You’ll Meet New People

Socialising is a key part of being happy and when you work out within a group setting you can socialise with others and get to know like-minded individuals who can support and encourage you in your ambition to get fitter and healthier. This will help give you the motivation that you seek. It’s always good to surround yourself with people that you have something in common with, and training together, whether as a team or just as part of a group, can create strong bonds.

7. You’ll Have Fun

Although you may not immediately associate working out with having a good time, in fact, it can be surprisingly entertaining, especially if you are working out to music and laughing with others who are participating alongside you. Improving your wellbeing and boosting your level of fitness doesn’t have to be boring or hard work. Rather, it can be a source of enjoyment as you become more supple, learn new skills, and start to feel better about yourself as your health improves.

So, now that you know the seven benefits of workouts with others, if it’s indoor cycling you love, yoga or strength training, your search is over. Join us at The Fitness Room Honeybourne. Our qualified and passionate team will give you guidance and motivation. No membership is required. Come and make friends with new people of all abilities in a friendly and safe environment, exercise and have fun!

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