6 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Motivation Going Beyond January

Most of us have been there. After gorging on chocolate over Christmas (yes, we’re as guilty as you when it comes to sweet treats) and indulging in one too many glasses of fizz, we decide to set a new year’s resolution to join the gym and get fitter. And then as soon as January’s over, […]

10 Outdoor Activities for Family Fitness

Exercising as a family can be great fun and it can help instil good habits in kids at a young age. Exercising outdoors and being among nature can be a great stress reliever too! The team at The Fitness Room Honeybourne like to train outdoors whenever we can, so here are 10 outdoor activities that […]

Your Health, Fitness and Lockdown

4 Tips to Get Back on Track Getting fit and healthy is a great goal. It can also be quite challenging! Bad habits just feel so good, don’t they? And many of us have picked up plenty of those during lockdown. The problem is that unhealthy food often tastes so delicious! It can be sweet […]